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I haven't gone into a lot of detail about my affiliation with Savvy Sassy Moms as one of their twenty-five product scouts, but it's high time for a proper discussion! SSM is an online style magazine for moms and being a product scout for them means I get to test out and review a lot of baby/kid/mom gear. I'll always be honest with my reviews, I did apply for this position, and it's not paid---but it should be a lot of fun to try out new products and share it with you readers. Some of the reviews will be on this site and sometimes I'll post on my main blog, but I like to reserve true product reviews for over here....unless the post involves a giveaway for the readers, then I'm all about it living on the main blog. I've just always categorized the product information this way, and I try to only include links into my posts if I really love the product.

Enough business talk, let's discuss the first fun package I received from Savvy Sassy Moms!




Right before we left for Colorado in July, I received this awesome package from Savvy Sassy Moms with the theme of 'Back to School.' Some of these products I've seen and used before and some were brand new to me, all equally exciting to open and try:

1. Smarty Pants Vitamins: we have always used the Target Up&Up version of kids' vitamins, just the chewable kind, nothing too special. So when I received these 'Kids Complete' version, I knew the kids would totally go nuts for a GUMMY vitamin coated in 'sparkly sugar' (as per Cecelia). Then I actually read the label and realized these things are not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives. There are 5g of sugar per serving which isn't horrible, and apparently this is the only gummy multivitamin on the market that has Omega 3s and Vitamin D3. Sounds good to me!

The kids are obsessed with these, seriously. I only give them one per morning instead of the recommended 4 per serving, but they have effectively replaced our previous Up&Up multivitamins. Truman and Cecelia request their 'dummies' each morning and have no idea that it's not one giant fruit snack...or at least, no clue that it's one with good stuff in it and without so much bad stuff. ;)

2. Hello Kids' Toothpaste:
Truman and Cecelia are toothpaste freaks, meaning they get obsessive about picking out the type of toothpaste they want in the store. I hadn't heard of this kind before but wow, it's pretty awesome. They sent two small tubes for adults and I really do love it for me, and then three of the big tubes for the kids. We keep the bubble gum (PINK PINK PINK--Cecelia) flavor in our downstairs bathroom with those toothbrushes for the morning rounds. Then upstairs we have the blue raspberry flavor for the nighttime routine, and the green apple is stored away for the next time we run out. The paste is white, not a fake color, and it's another product without artificial sweeteners or flavors, and without preservatives. The packaging is totally adorable and it tastes good, which is excellent except it totally entices my three year old to suck the toothpaste off her brush even more than she normally does. I will totally buy these again once we run out and I'd love to try their mouthwash next.

3. Plum Kids Organic Jammy Sammy
I just found out that Truman CAN bring peanut butter to school, which is huge because we are big PB fans over here. But you know who loves these little pre-packaged PBJs the most? Porter. He seriously at almost every one of the five in this box, and only let me try a little nibble. We both approve and they make excellent traveling snacks, since I did bring them with me on the plane for our Colorado trip.

4. Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies and 5. Plum Organic Mashups
We are big fans of cheddar bunnies, they are delicious and I frequently steal the children's bunnies when I'm starving and need a salty snack. I like that they are made from real cheese and again, no artificial flavors or preservatives. We don't keep these in the house too often because they are usually gone in no time and are totally dangerous for all three kids. The Plum Organic mashups are also great for portability and for having no added sugar. Porter and Cecelia liked these a TON and I have to get more for them since they blew through the four pack in record time. Sometimes when I feel like I need to jam more fruits and veggies into my carbohydrate loving children, a squeeze pouch is my preferred method because it's just so darn easy and convenient. Bonus that these are organic and healthy.

6.  French Toast Uniforms
All Photos-83

See Truman's polo up there? Ignore Porter's near-meltdown face and Cecelia's adorable pink cowboy boots, because Truman's shirt is from French Toast and it's nice and thick. He doesn't need to wear a school uniform but I was able to pick out a few things for the kids with my coupon that work well for them. This long sleeved polo is one of those that looks like two separate shirts but it's all-in-one, and it's surprisingly thick and seems to be made well.
All Photos-10
I also got him this plain lime green polo and kind of love how adorable he looks in it. Although he'd wear a cotton tee shirt and mesh shorts every day, I am totally partial to a polo and chino pants. Gigantic feet and new size 1 tennis shoes not included.

Oh, Cecelia got something from French Toast, too:
All Photos-148
Those capri leggings are totally her style and seem very comfortable, fitting well for my string bean (no small feat). I cannot get over the inexpensive price of the French Toast items because the quality seems fantastic!

7. Mabel's Labels

I received a combo pack from Mabel's Labels, which includes two of those adorable little metal tags, 16 stickers that can go inside of shoes, 50 Tag Mates that stick on clothing, and 40 custom name stickers. I had to restrain myself from labeling for Truman's first day of school, but I'm happy to have a ton of these for future use. Really into the clothing stickers the most, for things like art smocks and jackets. These would have been great for the daycare years when I labeled all of his 'extra' clothes I'd send to Lori's, too.

Oh, and one more product I received through Savvy Sassy Moms, that wasn't in the Scout Box: Trumpette toddler socks for Porter!
All Photos-645
I love Trumpette and my obsession started back when Truman was a baby, and my mom began buying all of the infant boy versions of Trumpette socks for him. Then came Cecelia and holy smokes, baby GIRL socks are even more addicting! Porter had all of Truman's hand-me-downs until this box came at the correct time for my growing boy. I didn't know they made toddler socks but Porter rocks these all of the time. They look too small in the picture but I promise they aren't. I like that they have tiny skids on the bottom to keep him from sliding all over the place when he's standing on our hard wood. Also, the fake tennis shoe look is freaking adorable. Trumpette socks are one of my favorite gifts for newborn babies and now that I know they make other things besides socks, I might be stuck in a black hole looking at their website. Oops.

That's it for my first SSM box! I'm a fan of it all so far, pretty easy to please, I guess.

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