Maxi-Cosi: Bohemian Blue Collection

My first true 'review' post on my review site! How exciting!!

When a PR rep for Maxi-Cosi and Quinny strollers contacted me about working with them, I gladly accepted the opportunity to test out new baby products. Who doesn't want a new/fun stroller in their garage? I am always open to reviewing products that I will actually use and I'm sure a lot of my readers could use a stroller, too.

I received one of Maxi-Cosi's popular 'Kaia' strollers, one that is a part of their new Bohemian Blue Collection. They say the collection was inspired by handmade items and I truly love the colors and fun design!


When the box arrived, Cecelia immediately wanted to open it up and go for a walk. We actually had to wait a few days to find the time for a walk but made it happen while my mom visits!

Mom set it up with the 'help' of the big kids while I nursed Porter inside. She said it was really easy to assemble and didn't seem to take too much time, since the kids were also coloring on the Maxi-Cosi box and having a grand old time creating a rocket ship.


Both Truman and Cecelia *needed* to ride in the stroller immediately. I had to check the weight limits and the stroller does go up to 50 pounds, so Truman is good at his 43 right now. We quickly figured out how to raise the seat back, how to work the brakes, unlock the front wheels, and fold it up for storage. It stands on it's own once folded which is really nice to saves space in the garage. Both kids were obsessed with riding AND pushing the stroller and I find it really easy to push whenever I get my turn at that task. Any stroller that folds up easily, pushes without great effort, and looks pretty automatically wins in my book. The colors of the Bohemian Blue Collection are gorgeous and I love the patterns they chose.





I think I will probably use this mostly for Porter at this point although Cecelia likes to call it *her* stroller, too. The Kaia does come with an infant car seat adapter but it needs to be Maxi-Cosi's seat, of course. Come to think of it, maybe I should ask Maxi-Cosi to test out their Mico AP infant seat. If it somehow made Porter stop screaming I would absolutely shout it from the rooftops!! ;) Otherwise the instructions say to wait until 6 months without a car seat---but I wanted to try it out for my boy now (REBEL!) so I just reclined the seat all the way back and made sure the straps were nice and snug. He seemed to love it during our quick test drive for the baby.
Camera Roll-438


All in all, the stroller is a big hit over here. Especially with this one.


The Bohemian Blue Collection is available on this Kaia stroller, their Pria 70 convertible car seat, and their Mico AP infant seat.

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